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About Coaster POV

Point-of-view, or simply p.o.v. , camera angles record the scene from a particular player's viewpoint. The point-of-view is an objective angle , but since it falls between the objective and subjective angle, it should be placed in a separate category and given special consideration. A point-of-view shot is as close as an objective shot can approach a subjective shot - and still remain objective. The camera is positioned at the side of a subjective player - whose viewpoint is being depicted - so that the audience is given the impression they are standing cheek-to-cheek with the off-screen player. The viewer does not see the event through the player's eyes, as in a subjective shot in which the camera trades places with the screen player. He sees the event from the player's viewpoint, as if standing alongside him. Thus, the camera angle remains objective, since it is an unseen observer not involved in the action." - Joseph V. Mascelli in The Five C's of Cinematography
The roller coaster experience as seen from the rider's point of view. POV footage is taken on the ride, generally in the first or last rows and shows the viewer what the rider's experience is like on the ride.
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Why do people record roller coaster rides?

Roller Coaster riders usally do it for the thrill, a video pov is a great way to relive ride's that may not exist anymore.

Wouldn't you be afraid of dropping the camera?

Well as a responsible adult and the technology we have today I would say NO! The camera has a strap - Tie it TIGHT!!!

Is this allowed at theme parks?

Only a responsible adult can do this and that is if and ONLY if the park says it is ok first. If caught you can be arrested and banned.

Have you ever dropped a camera or been caught recording?

No! This is a site where people can register and submit video's. I cannot say that for everyone.
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